An Online Course For Women

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 20198:15 PM

How would you feel if every time you stepped into a conversation you felt confident, connected, and completely authentic in mind and body?

Imagine how powerful you would feel in your natural expression if you rediscovered your voice and began speaking your truth straight from your heart without ever needing to hold back again!

What are you willing to put at risk in order to find your authentic voice?

As women it takes courage, commitment, and depth to be willing to:

  • Look within ourselves, mind and body
  • Tell the whole truth (even when we don’t want to)
  • Be vulnerable
  • Admit, own, and share our true thoughts, feelings, desires, insecurities, passions, fears, and more.

But once we are willing to truly engage in the work, become more real, and shine right out from our deepest vulnerability, our work, our relationships, and our lives will become more meaningful, impactful, and fulfilling!

Join me for as together we explore how to break old patterns, rise up into a new way of being, discover who we are as women when fully expressed, and learn tools to live authentically everywhere in our lives. Together we will enjoy a new sense of freedom to be exactly who we truly are in mind and body!

Program Dates: September 10th-October 15th

Time: Tuesdays 7:00-8:15PM EST
Where: ZOOM
Cost: $250