Above is the original mission statement I wrote fifteen plus years ago shortly after opening our Flagship studio in Georgetown. It hung in a cheap frame right above the studio entrance; simple, yet palpable in how it touched, moved and inspired so many who walked through that studio door.

Four years later it was placed in the same way in our Bethesda studio, followed by Herndon. Sadly, somehow it never made it to our Clarendon studio. As the years passed, as can often happen, things get moved or taken down for painting/cleaning, not put back and in the hustle of daily life a once heartfelt declaration thoughtfully written, disappeared unnoticed until last week.


Tears were streaming down my face, as I read it, realizing how far off track I had gotten. Caught up in the BS of the commercialization of yoga and all that goes with it, I found myself massaging the exact type of consumerism that undermines yoga as a transformative and spiritual practice. I started to doubt the impact of my life’s work, disconnected from my “WHY” and lost the courage to explore more innovative ways to “do business,” that felt true to me, instead compromising my bigger vision and personal integrity.

Let’s face it, life is not easy these days. Most days it can feel like we are swimming with the sharks, completely overwhelmed, doing our best just to keep our heads above water. Before you know, we’ve lost our way, ending up on a path that is not true to whom we are in our hearts, questioning how we got here and if it’s too late to turn back.

The truth is, I never set out to be a leader or a business owner; I set out to change the world. That is who I am, a dreamer and a believer of possibility. And what I fully believe in my heart is that REAL YOGA + REAL PEOPLE = THE DDY COMMUNITY, and THAT is good business.

“Our mission is to create a loving and supportive yoga community; A place for you to discover your greatness. We will walk the path with you, honored to be part of your journey. Our greatest gift is your transformation.”

Walk with us this year. It is standing together that will both bring us together and set us apart!

With Love,