Lately I’ve been struggling with my faith. And no, I’m not talking about the kind of faith that is connected to a religious belief, but the kind of faith I had when I was certain I was making a difference in the world, and not just spinning my wheels.

This got me thinking about my Dad…

My dad was a blue collar worker who woke up everyday between 3am-4am. It was the norm to eat dinner without him, my mom diligently keeping his food plate warm until he dragged in somewhere around 8PM.
Day in and day out, he did what he needed to do to feed his wife and kids, pay the mortgage and keep a roof over our heads.

Not once do I remember him complaining!

I didn’t see it at the time, but my dad just by being himself, was constantly teaching me and leading by his example. Unknowingly he taught me persistence, he taught me how to move through those challenging times in life with both grace and grit, but most importantly he taught me to never lose sight of what was most important, no matter what!

Maybe he was thinking about it, maybe not…I never asked him.

Yet he seemed to intuitively understand what it meant to be committed to something greater than himself, always looking through the bigger lens of life in all that he did.

What I learned from him didn’t necessarily prepare me for all of the ups and downs over the years I have experienced, especially in owning my own business, but what I did learn from him stopped me, when things seemed impossible, from flat out quitting. Instead I learned to pick myself up by my bootstraps, put my fears and feelings aside and recommit to what I believed in and fight for it.

Most any successful person will tell you about a life-defining or breakdown moment from their past that was responsible for making them who they are today; what kept them going, how they got through it and what they held onto for a lifeline to keep their faith in the process.

I’m sure each one of you can recall your moment….

I’m still learning every single day, all these years later, that each moment whether small or life changing can impact us either positively or adversely.

The choice is ours…

Whether it be a life defining moment or simply a challenging pose during our yoga practice, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that every moment we do our best to pick ourselves up, fasten our spiritual seatbelt, call upon our faith and let the light of our hopes, dreams and vision keep showing the way!