For most of my life I have felt completely alone, never really feeling like I fit in.

For years I’ve had shame around being seen as “different”, feeling misunderstood, certain there was no one else out there in the world who really “got me”.

For such a long time I believed I had to hide my feelings from others and even at times from myself. I was living in constant conflict, holding back, uneasy expressing myself, unwilling to be the real me around those I did not feel safe with or supported by.

I learned at an early age how to put up a good front, mastering an outward appearance of not caring about what others thought of me, all the while suffering silently under the judgments of others.

Honestly, it’s been suffocating…

Maybe some of you have felt the same way and are just too afraid to talk about it, maybe not. I don’t know…

These days I am slowly starting to reveal my true nature more easily. And believe me, it hasn’t been easy.

It has taken something…

Somehow with the grace of God and a lot of yoga, personal inquiry, and as of late, a consistent meditation practice, all of my spiritual work is taking deeper root.

Slowly I am learning to trust that it’s okay to be different; that having different values, ideas and outlooks on life from those around me does not make me a weirdo or a bad person.

Finally, I am no longer wrestling with feeling shame around who I am,instead embracing every bit of myself, because truthfully, I’m pretty damn awesome_ and I have the right to live a life that feels true and authentic to me and me alone.

Suddenly I can see that the world needs me, exactly as I am. I also believe that the world needs you!

How lovely would it be if the only thing that set us apart from each other was our uniqueness. If we could see that everyday offers us a new opportunity to set the world on fire in the way that only we were meant to.

Who better to bring to the world what you can, in your own special way.

It is the courage and passion that rises from our own essence not our conforming, that allows us to emerge and bring our sweetest gift yet…. our spiritual rebellion.

Stay calm, carry on, practice yoga!

With Love,